What Camp Carey is all about

Making connections is an important part of ensuring your success in college and beyond. Camp Carey allows you to do exactly that, before you have any homework or other obligations to worry about. It’s a fun, casual, and low-stress experience — and an unmatched opportunity for you to make connections you can count on.

Adventures in business await.

Some of the most important business skills are best learned through experience, which is why we encourage all W. P. Carey students to start early and practice often. See what’s on the agenda in your Camp Carey field guide.

Camp Carey is a great first step.

You will communicate new ideas, work with a team, engage with diverse cultures, and think creatively about business problems — leading you to learn things that will help you now and throughout your career.

“Camp Carey connected me with so many people. It also made me feel connected to everything going on at the business school, which got me off to a really great start here.”

Hannah Houts (BS Marketing/BA Film ’18)

A pure delight — morning, noon, and night.

Because Camp Carey happens before school starts — on location in the cool pines of northern Arizona — there’s plenty of time and space for s’mores, sunshine, and everything in between.


Countdown to Camp Carey

We can’t wait to meet you! See when we’re going to Camp Carey this summer — there are multiple sessions to choose from before school starts — and where we’re going in northern Arizona.

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