The people you meet

Classmates, peers, friends that will last a lifetime — they’re one and the same at Camp Carey. In fact, even though you may get on a bus at the ASU campus not knowing anybody else, by the time you arrive at camp a couple hours later, you’re already building those relationships. And by the time your visit to Camp Carey ends, the real fun of your college experience is just beginning.


At Camp Carey, you work in small teams, helping establish close bonds early and often. But you’ll also get to know dozens of other W. P. Carey first-year students all at once, during meals, at the campfire, and throughout the day. You’ll also lean on camp directors and facilitators, current W. P. Carey students who’ve been through camp and know the score. They’ll guide you through your activities and keep you going. (A lot of first-year students can’t wait to sign up to return to Camp Carey the following year, just to help out and have fun!)


Another unique part of Camp Carey is the chance to spend time with many staff members you’ll work with and rely on throughout your time at W. P. Carey. Meeting them in an informal, off-campus setting helps break the ice when you need to meet with them later, and helps you put faces to names and names to faces.

Countdown to Camp Carey

We can’t wait to meet you! See when we’re going to Camp Carey this summer — there are multiple sessions to choose from before school starts — and where we’re going in northern Arizona.

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