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Camp Carey is so much fun that many W. P. Carey students want to come back and help out any way they can. One of the best ways to get involved throughout your years at W. P. Carey is by volunteering to be a Camp Carey facilitator.


Facilitators work in pairs with groups of 8 – 13 incoming W. P. Carey freshmen, leading them through activities and exercises. As a facilitator, you’ll develop leadership and team management skills, all while modeling positive behavior for incoming students.

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You’ll need to attend training before your assigned camp session, and of course, you’ll need to join us for three days and two nights in August for Camp Carey.

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I’m a returning facilitator

Countdown to Camp Carey

We can’t wait to meet you! See when we’re going to Camp Carey this summer — there are multiple sessions to choose from before school starts — and where we’re going in northern Arizona.

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