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Camp Carey

An immersive experience for first-year business students, Camp Carey introduces you to everything (and everyone) you need to know to succeed at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business. Discover your inner leader and unleash your inner Sparky as you make new friends, connect with key people and resources, and map your future in college and beyond.

“Camp Carey connected me with so many people. It also made me feel connected to everything going on at the business school, which got me off to a really great start here.”

Hannah Houts

(BS Marketing/BA Film ’18)

Camp Carey Zoom Session

“As an international student, it was my first time to work with students from other cultures. I made some friends and got some experience in intercultural communication.”

Xiaonan Xiahou

(BS Supply Chain Management ’16)

Camp Carey FAQ

This is your guide to all things Camp Carey, all in one place. Feel free to reach out to us if questions come up.

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